What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization otherwise known as SEO refers to activities that helps boost a site’s visibility on Search Engines such as Google. A site that is well optimized is able to earn a place on the first page of search engine results based on the site’s related keywords. SEO helps the site to be found by clients looking for details related to your site. SEO is basically the cheapest form of marketing available to site owners.

InstantPage web design services incorporate the use of SEO to help your site rank highly on Google search results.  Other than use of SEO at web design stage, we offer post web design SEO services at competitive prices.  Through SEO the team aims to generate traffic to your site. Our team has the skills needed to generate quality traffic that will bring value to your business. They also have the skills needed to turn all visitors to the site into customers using related keywords. The use of appropriate keyword helps in the sites visibility on search engines.

How much time does setting up SEO take?

SEO setup can take for as little as a day, few days, a week, or remain an ongoing process depending on the users need. Basic SEO is carried out during web design stage. Ongoing SEO is carried out regularly with the update of blog content to a site or when a site is updated or modified. Basic SEO is sufficient for sites with limited needs while ongoing SEO serves well for sites that demand continuous high traffic flow.

When can I experience the results?

The results can be experienced after a few days or after a few months. Short SEO campaigns for domains that have been used for some measure of time results in quick top ranking results that could be experienced within several days or a week. However, in the case of a new domain, top ranking results could be experienced after a few months. The length of time a site takes to climb up the search engines rankings is determined by search engine algorithms.

How much will I incur to have my website Optimized?

SEO prices vary from site to site. The first step is to have your site analyzed to have a more accurate figure regarding the cost. The cost depends on the total number of campaigns your site needs, the nature of your domain name (Is it brand new or has it been in existence for some years?), and the competition in the market from similar business or company sites (What amount of SEO marketing is sufficient to beat the competitors marketing strategies?).

Depending on the nature of your site, allow our team of qualified to staff advice on you on the most appropriate SEO approach to use in order to attain top rankings. Our staff understands that spamming in the case of SEO is unacceptable thus improving the quality of SEO content on your site.

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