What determines the cost of my desired site?

The cost of your desired site depends on the number of pages on the site, the amount of content on the site, the type of site, and the type of content needed on the site. You can be sure that our prices are very affordable. Use our free quote section to know the price of your desired website.

What if I am limited in information regarding Web sites?

No need to worry. Our team of expert staff will listen to what you want and give you information regarding different types of sites that are able to fulfill your needs. They will also share with you information regarding the functional features of the site and how to keep it running. The customer support section is always ready to offer help in case you meet future dead-ends while operating the site.

What if I want revisions made on my site?

All clients are liable to one revision or numerous revisions as determined by the web design package selected.

Is it possible to have my site listed on top search engine results pages?

Yes, with quality SEO campaigns, your site will move up the ranks to the top Search Engine result pages.

Does my site need SEO?

Yes, SEO aids in the high performance of a site. SEO helps your site attract visitors by giving ranking your site among the top search engine pages.

What is Black hat and White hat SEO?

Black hat SEO refers to unethical SEO techniques that are not permissible by Search Engines guidelines while what hat SEO refers to ethical SEO techniques as outlined by Search Engine guidelines.

What effect does the CMS used have on my site?

The CMS used on your site makes modification and updating of texts, images, and videos used on the site possible. It also aids in the shaping of the sites User Interface appearance.

Will my details and those of my clients be safe on the site?

Our qualified team implements security measures to ensure that your site is safe for both the owner and the clients. This includes setting up security features that makes it difficult for hackers to access private information on the site’s directory.

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