What is the Content Management System?

Content Management System also called to as the CMS refers to a software package that enables the creation, organization, publishing, distribution, and management of a site’s content. Many Content Management Systems are similar to Word Processing software. CMS’s determine the manner in which the content of the site will appear on the site’s display pages. In addition to this, they also give the tools used to populate a site. These tools aid in the creation, publishing, and storage of content. The Content Management Systems used can be designed for use depending on your needs thus resulting in simple to intuitive systems.

What determines the CMS used?

Several factors determine the Content Management System to be used on a site. Our team well understands the need to use the most appropriate CMS on a site. The ideal CMS is identified after making an outline of the site, its contents, and its purpose. Factors that determine the CMS used include:

  • The type of website: the type of site you need determines the CMS used in the sites creation. Our staff will look into the details regarding the type of website you need before selecting a CMS to use. An example is Word Press and Drupal are known to work well with corporate sites.
  • Nature of the website: The nature of a website plays a major role in determining the type of CMS to be used. CMS’s that are good for multipurpose websites are not equally good for single use sites. A CMS like Magento is well known for its effectiveness on multipurpose sites.
  • Custom needs: The particular needs of a client determine the type of CMS used on a site. Special needs like ecommerce options and making fast modifications on the site need the use of a CMS that facilitates ease of ecommerce and ease of customization.
  • SEO and Online Marketing needs: for excellent SEO results and numerous other online marketing facilities, it is advisable to use a CMS that supports these. Though all CMS’s are designed to support SEO and online marketing, some are known to be more effective in SEO and online marketing.

Are there any upsides or downsides to the use of CMS’s?

CMS’s offer great support to a site’s Graphic User Interface. It is good to understand that most CMS’s were developed by third parties. Though they are highly advantageous they have a downside. The advantages of using an applicable CMS on a site far outweigh its shortcomings. Use of plug-ins helps to add to a site features that will benefit its users.  The CMS’s can also be customized thus giving the site its ideal appearance and functionality. However, there are limitations as to the customization level the CMS accommodates. This means that it may not be possible to remove all the unwanted features or add all the features one needs on the CMS.

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