InstantPage Web Agency is determined to give off web designs made from the heart. We offer solutions to your need for a market presence that will get clients talking to you and competitors talking about you. Our web designers are determined to offer beautiful web designs using the latest web technology and standards. The sites are well branded with unique company logos depending on your companyís needs. This includes both small businesses and large companies and eventually resulting in amazing websites that meet the userís needs.

What makes our Web Design Agency Special?

InstantPage Web Agency team strives to deliver sites that our clients will be proud of. With years experience in designing remarkable websites to both local and international clients, the team has sharpened their skills in web design. With fair pricing schemes, we offer the most competitive prices in the market. All these have helped us grow many businesses in the online market globally.

Our Culture

Customer satisfaction: We strive to offer customer satisfaction to all clients. This shows the seriousness we take towards our sole purpose in web design. To achieve this, we forge close relations with our clients to understand what they need.

Staff relations: Our Web agency staff team comprises of individuals from different backgrounds thus the need to work hard to maintain a favorable work environment. We value close knit relations among all team members. All staffs strive to forge and maintain close relations with all team members. This leads to cohesiveness among the team members and enhanced service delivery to clients.

Work environment: We provide a friendly work environment where all staffs thrive. This adds to the quality of services offered to our clients. Recreation and other fun events are organized for the team to ensure their productiveness in a challenging work environment. We believe that the teamís happiness is later translated to the quality of services offered. We strive to make the workplace a second home to the staff members for quality customer services.

What to expect from us

As a client, you should expect quality web design and branding services. We take time to get to know our clients as well as their needs. We will ask about your goals and your target market. This will help us understand exactly what you need in order to deliver the same. The time spent discussing about projects with you as the client is expressed in the finished web design. We want to make sure that you get what you asked for and much more.

Improved customer value is guaranteed. Our services strive to improve the customer value offered. This is geared at turning all visitors into lifetime customers. The siteís design and user interface is built to increase the chances of enticing all visitors to take an action. This could range from downloading an app, to purchasing a product or service, or to enroll for membership. Our team provides a user interface that will see the visitor from the first to the finish of the process ensuring a good rapport is built. This enables the client to make another visit while also opening communication opportunities between the site owner and the client. Using InstantPage design services gives you a lifetime experience with your visitors who are then converted to customers.

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